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I like to smile and make people smile, life is good, people ain't. I'm not talking about everyone, but most of people are mean and ugly inside, they judge others by how they look. If you ask me: what do you hate the most? i'd say: you... lol jk but I don't know what to write in here, so, i think that's it, follow me, or if you don't, send me a message telling how horrible my tumblr is or whatever, anyway, have a good day. By the way, i'm brazilian :)

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☯☯"I keep wondering, how many people do you need to be, before you can become yourself."
Iain S. Thomas  (via spacenauts)

(Source: quote-book, via spacenauts)


Blue Moon by Beck

“I asked her to be my girlfriend on Friday the 13th. I told her I wanted to be the luckiest person on an unlucky day.”


Arthur Castillon

i think this is my favourite photo ever

is this from somewhere?